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Where does the money come from?

The Foundation for Excellence applies for funding through the Wythe-Bland Foundation each year to continue programs including classroom grants, summer enrichment, Kindergarten Camp and more. This year we will be able to fund $40,000 in classroom grants in Wythe County Public Schools. The Foundation for Excellence provides $10,000 toward that amount - call us to discuss ways you or your organization can sponsor a classroom grant.

Why do I have to complete an application and reporting form? 

The Wythe-Bland Foundation funding, as well as all grant funding, must show the impact it has had on those who will benefit from the project. The only way to track long-term progress is to show the success achieved through each classroom grant. When teachers and staff report their accomplishments through our reporting system, we are then able to submit an overall report to our funders. 

I was awarded a grant in December, can I apply?

Only one grant request from a staff member will be funded each year, including applicant and co-applicant.

I'm not a teacher, can I apply? 

All Wythe County professional staff members are eligible to apply for Classroom Grant funding, including teachers, specialists, guidance counselors, speech pathologists, media specialists, ITRTs, and principals.

How much can I apply for? 

Teachers and other professional staff members may apply for up to $1,000 to support a classroom-based project.  Teachers may collaborate with other teachers on one grant request, qualifying them to request up to $2,500 Cross-curricular projects are encouraged. 

How long will I have to complete my project?

We ask that you complete a financial report by April 15, and your final report by the last day of the school year. You can find those forms on our Forms tab.

Why can't I email or fax my application?

If applications are emailed or faxed, it's possible that we will miss a page, or your application altogether. (It's happened before!) We know how hard you've worked, so we want to make sure we read what you have included in your application. Please send it via our mail system, or mail to PO Box 815, Wytheville, VA, or drop it off to the School Board office. 

Is the application process difficult? 

We've worked each year to simplify the process for applicants. The application itself has been simplified since the first years, and our Executive Director is here to assist you in applying. Take a look at the application before deciding against applying. You may be surprised!

Can I meet with you to discuss my project?

Yes! If you are interested in applying, and have questions, or if you're not sure that your project would be accepted, I invite you to set up a time to meet with me. I can give you tips on what to include about your project in your application, budget, etc, as well as any reporting you'll be required to do to complete your project.