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Fall 2016 Classroom Grant Guidelines


*The Application Period is now closed*

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About Classroom Grants

The Classroom Grant Program is designed to offer students enrichment opportunities which enable them to explore areas of interest, going beyond the scope of day-to-day classroom curriculum. The program also seeks to support new and innovative instructional ideas to meet student needs.

Teachers and other professional staff members may apply for up to $1,000.00 to support a classroom-based project. Teachers may collaborate with other teachers on one grant request, qualifying them to request up to $2,500.00. Cross-curricular projects are encouraged. Each funded project must include at least two (2) hands-on activities for students. Projects must tie to existing school curriculum and educational plans, and requested funds must be otherwise unavailable. FFE funds should enhance, not duplicate the standard public school curriculum. It is of utmost importance that applicants thoroughly explain how their project will offer students opportunities that go beyond what is normally available in the classroom setting, and what portion of the project will need funding. Projects that are eligible for WCPS funding will not be awarded FFE funding.

Eligibility to Apply

All Wythe County professional staff members are eligible to apply for Classroom Grant funding, including teachers, specialists, guidance counselors, speech pathologists, media specialists, ITRTs, and principals. All individuals on an application are equally responsible for the management of the grant and its funding if awarded.

Priority Areas

Each classroom grant must respond to at least one priority area established by the Foundation for Excellence. Grants will be given for the following:

• STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
• Writing
• Student Health and Wellness
• The Fine Arts

Goals, Objectives, and Expected Outcomes

Each funded classroom grant will have clearly stated goals, objectives, and expected outcomes. These components will be communicated to the grant review committee on the Goals and Objectives Spreadsheet. Below is an explanation of each item:

• Goal: A broad statement which indicates what you hope to accomplish with your classroom project.
• Objectives: What you will do to accomplish or move toward your stated goal. Objectives are SMART - specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound.
• Anticipated measurable outcomes: Indicators which will measure the success of your project.
• Results: A statement reporting how well your project met your anticipated outcomes. This section will be completed during your final report.

You will complete the first two columns of the spreadsheet with your application and use the third column to record the results at the conclusion of your project. Do not complete the third column until you have finished your project. Retain a copy of your application to submit this form at the end of the year.


• Grant funds may not be used for general purpose classroom equipment; however, funding requests for equipment may be approved if the equipment is unique to the educational activity and otherwise unavailable.
• No part of the grant request may go to administrative costs or teachers' salaries. All administration and teacher salaries will be underwritten by Wythe County Public Schools.
• Only one grant request from a staff member will be funded each year, including applicant and co-applicant.
• Projects addressing health, wellness, and physical fitness of the entire student population are encouraged; however, competitive sports will not be funded. As a general rule, funded athletic activities will be intramural in nature, involving a large percentage of the student population.
• Awarded funds must be used according to the submitted budget. Any funds not used in the specific classroom project must be returned to the Foundation.

Field Trips

Curriculum-based field trips may be funded, but only when they are a balanced component of a larger classroom-based project which includes the required hands-on activities. Due to limited funding available for the Classroom Grant Program, regularly scheduled annual field trips (i.e. Williamsburg, Jamestown, Washington, DC) will not be funded.

Budget Page

All applicants will be required to complete a budget page detailing financial matters related to their proposed project. All costs associated with the project must be detailed, including any shipping costs. Do not itemize each receipt or invoice. If the project costs are greater than the grant funds requested, the applicant must document how the remainder of the needed funds will be provided. The Foundation will not fund projects where all needed resources are not documented.

Due Date

November 2016. Applications must be in hard copy, and sent to the Foundation for Excellence office. You can submit your application through county mail, USPS, or drop it off at the office. Please do not send your grant application via email or fax. Please send completed application to the Foundation for Excellence Attn: Audra Lucas, Executive Director.

Application Submission Instructions

1. Complete the Word document grant application by typing directly into the application. Add space as needed.
2. Send a completed, signed hard copy of your application to the Foundation for Excellence office located at the School Board office, via school mail or mailed to:
WCPS Foundation for Excellence
1570 West Reservoir Street
Wytheville, VA 24382

Review and Award Process

A Classroom Grant Program review committee made up of Foundation for Excellence Board members and a member of the administrative staff from Wythe County Public Schools will review and score all grants and choose the projects which best meet Foundation for Excellence grant funding criteria.

The grant sub-committee will recommend grants for funding to the full Foundation of Excellence Board of Directors. All applicants will be notified of grant decisions in December 2016. All funding will be awarded at the discretion of the Foundation for Excellence Board of Directors. All decisions are final.


Upon receiving funding, each grant recipient will be required to complete reporting forms and return to the Foundation. The report will document the project progress and completion. The report will enable the recipient to communicate how goals were met and how the project impacted students. Each recipient will be required to provide digital pictures to the Foundation. Pictures may be featured in Foundation for Excellence newsletters and other publicity material; therefore, please provide only pictures of students who have permission to be photographed.
All reporting forms are available on the website: www.wytheexcellence.org under the Classroom Grants tab.

Timeline of Reporting Forms Due

THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 2017 (3:30 P.M.):

Financial Reports (include all receipts/invoices for purchases)

  • Send request to school office to return unused funds to Foundation for Excellence


  • Final Report form
  • Goals, Objectives, and Anticipated Outcomes Spreadsheet (from original application)
  • At least 5 photos of your project
  • Return any unspent funds BY THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL 

*If at any time you realize your project will be delayed, email foundation@wythek12.org to update on your progress and possible delays.

I didn't spend all of my money. What do I do?

Send an email to foundation@wythek12.org to alert the Foundation Director that you will be returning funds. Send a request to your office staff to write a check to the Foundation for the remaining amount.  This request should be made before the last day of school.

Grants are awarded to schools therefore all materials purchased with grant funds become school property. Any unused funds must be returned to the Foundation for Excellence. Arrange payment through your school office.

Foundation for Excellence // foundation@wythek12.org // (276) 228-5411